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STEINBEIS FUSION 4.0 – OUR BEST VALUE PAPER. The professional range.

With its Fusion 4.0 range, Steinbeis is offering an innovative product concept for digital printing needs. During the development process, we focused on linking cost effectiveness, environmental considerations and performance. The result is a special paper with an excellent price/performance ratio. Extensively tested for its suitability for all conventional printing and processing systems. Like every paper we produce, the Steinbeis Fusion 4.0 range has been awarded leading environmental certificates.



The special paper in 65 g/m² and 80 g/m² is tailored to a wide range of applications in the field of digital printing. During pre-testing Steinbeis Fusion 4.0 was tested thoroughly on brand-name systems from relevant equipment manufacturers, guaranteeing you good running characteristics, printing performance and processing. Steinbeis Fusion 4.0 lets users, who are increasingly focusing on the growing digital printing market, choose from a range that is advantageous from both the economic and technical perspectives.


Like all of the company’s brand-name products, the Steinbeis Fusion 4.0 range adheres to the principles of ecology, a circular economy and sustainable quality during production. This means that we use 100% recovered paper, and no chemicals which are damaging to health or the environment. With Steinbeis Fusion 4.0, customers have access to a high-quality tool for energy efficiency, resource protection and environmental protection during the digital printing process. Paper which has been awarded the Blue Angel certification, such as Steinbeis Fusion 4.0, is recognised as a valuable environmental protection measure within the CSR report.


Economic advantages

The economic concept behind the Steinbeis Fusion 4.0 range is a cost-efficient paper which enhances added value in the field of digital printing. It is available on reels or in sheets. Potential customers can carry out application-specific tests to assure themselves of the quality of the product. Thanks to its pricing strategy, the range holds an especially attractive position on the market.


As an economically advantageous product, Steinbeis 4.0 lets you manage digital printing applications in an even more cost-effective manner. This advantage comes as the result of our sustainable procurement and production chain.

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CIE 85


• 65 gsm and 80 gsm 
• Rolls or sheets


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Savings calculator

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