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The Charisma 4.0 range comprises various types of high-performance magazine paper for journals, magazines, catalogues, brochures, flyers and corporate publications. Coated Charisma paper for web offset printing is ideal for CO2-reduced, cost-efficient print runs. We call it Paper 4.0 – inspired by the goals of Industry 4.0 – because valuable resources are protected during the manufacturing process, and because our magazine paper makes printing more environmentally friendly and more economical.




Steinbeis LWC paper was developed to handle the technical demands of modern web offset printers. The Charisma Silk and Charisma Brilliant ranges have an excellent reputation for print quality, whiteness and opacity. Leading media companies, publishing houses, businesses and major companies have already discovered our magazine paper to be an ecologically and economically sensible alternative.


  • Homogenous coated surface with matt or gloss finish.
  • Grammages from 57 gsm to 90 gsm
  • Extremely high resolution
  • Reader-friendly print gloss
  • Delightful shade with high opacity
  • Low ink requirements
  • Flexible approach to screen widths


Resource-efficient business begins with the paper you use. Using 100% recovered paper from sustainable production chains for your publications reduces our global carbon footprint. As with all other Steinbeis products, we protect natural resources by using nothing but secondary raw materials (100% recovered paper) for our magazine paper. Our CO2-reduced manufacturing processes use radically reduced amounts of water and energy. A sustainable paper strategy is an effective instrument in increasing sustainability. If you are involved in publishing and want to act in an environmentally responsible manner, Steinbeis magazine paper is an excellent choice.

Steinbeis Papier GmbH operates a certified quality management and environment management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 standards, and is also validated by EMAS.


Choose from a wide selection of grammages ranging from 57 gsm to 90 gsm. Thanks to opacity levels of up to nearly 100%, you can opt for a lower grammage – and save money at the same time. High tensile strength and an excellent print quality ensure maximum productivity for web offset printing needs.


  • Transition to a high-performance, Blue Angel-certified LWC paper package.
  • Increase the efficiency of your procurement, logistics and sustainable printing processes.  
  • Benefit from reliable supply chain management and just-in-time logistics.
  • Get excellent value for your money.  


Steinbeis Charisma Silk

Versatile and cost-efficient

• silk matt, anti-glare surface 
• high print gloss 
• excellent reproduction of images and text


More information on Charisma Silk

Steinbeis Charisma Brilliant

Quality for highest expectations


• particularly smooth surface
• exceptional print gloss 
• maximum brightness and colour depth

More information on Charisma Brilliant


Designed for the requirements of a wide range of applications A generation of LWC paper products which have proved their worth in the world of professional printing over several decades.

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Savings calculator

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