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Steinbeis offers a range of high-performance magazine paper for web offset printing: Charisma 4.0, the classic Lightweight Coated Paper (LWC) range, and Steinbeis Select, a recycled coated fine paper. Charisma is a coated web offset paper, suitable for low-carbon, low-cost printing processes. Steinbeis Select is at the top end of the spectrum of high-performance paper for the outside and inside pages of high-quality print items. The way we manufacture our magazine paper protects valuable resources. Steinbeis paper products make printing processes more environmentally friendly and affordable, helping customers to reduce their ecological footprint.



Performance: Steinbeis Charisma

The LWC range of the Steinbeis Charisma brand was developed to meet the technical specifications of modern web offset printing presses. Charisma Silk and Charisma Brilliant impress by virtue of their excellent print results, high level of whiteness and opacity. Leading media houses, publishers, commercial companies and corporations are already using our Charisma papers as an ecological and economic alternative.


  • Coated, homogeneous surface in matte and glossy
  • Basis weights ranging from 57 to 90 gsm
  • Outstanding sharpness of detail
  • Reader-friendly print gloss
  • Charming hue with high opacity
  • Reduced ink consumption
  • Flexible management of screen rulings

Performance: Steinbeis Select

One of the special technical features of Steinbeis Select recycled coated fine paper is the specially developed coating colour formulation. The paper also impresses by virtue of its high-quality appearance and texture. The product range has basis weights of up to 130 gsm and is suitable for use both as an outside magazine cover (foldable) and as high-quality inner pages.


  • Special surface (coating colour formula)
  • Basis weights 80 gsm, 90 gsm, 100 gsm, 115 gsm, 130 gsm
  • Low ink consumption in printing
  • High folding strength in further processing
  • High brilliance in the image sections
  • Homogeneous surface
  • Awarded the RAL-UZ 72 Blue Angel and thus the possibility of complete RAL-UZ 195 certification for the finished print item.


Sustainable procurement and ecologically integrated paper production make Steinbeis Select the epitome of resource-efficient management. Companies, media and book publishers who produce titles from the secondary raw material recovered paper and are part of a sustainable production chain make an important contribution to reducing global footprint. Steinbeis uses 100-percent recovered paper as a raw material and achieves high savings in water and energy consumption compared to conventional virgin fibre papers. The use of paper from ecologically integrated production is an effective instrument for sustainability. Publishers who adhere to the principles of environmental responsibility will find Steinbeis magazine papers an excellent choice.

Steinbeis Papier GmbH has a quality and environmental management system certified toDIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001. The company is also EMAS validated.


There is a wide choice of different basis weights: 57 gsm - 90 gsm for the Steinbeis Charisma LWC range, and 80 gsm to 130 gsm for Steinbeis Select recycled coated fine paper. Very high opacity values favour the use of lower basis weights, which contributes to cost savings. High tensile strength and optimum print properties ensure maximum productivity in web offset printing.


  • You will be switching to a powerful, Blue Angel-certified package of high-quality magazine paper.
  • You will be increasing the efficiency of sustainable printing processes.   
  • You will benefit from reliable supply chain management and just-in-time logistics.
  • You will get great value for money.  


Steinbeis Charisma Silk

Versatile and cost-efficient

• silk matt, anti-glare surface 
• high print gloss 
• excellent reproduction of images and text




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Steinbeis Select

High brilliance in the image area: deal as cover and inside paper


•Innovative coating technology
• Velvet texture and warm paper hue
• Excellent image reproduction


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Charisma Brilliant

Environmentally-friendly magazine paper with a particularly smooth surface

•exceptionally intense print gloss
• excellent contrasts and high luminosity
• impressive depth of colour and clear-cut reproduction of images

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Savings calculator

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