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How is recovered paper transformed into a state-of-the-art product? What's so special about the Steinbeis paper factory? See here for a multi-media presentation of the answers!


Videos, animations, interactive graphics

The Eco-Pioneer
Steinbeis receives German Sustainability Award 2008 (available in German only)
Leading the Way to Greater Eco-efficiency
Initiative for Sustainable Use of Paper (available in German only)
Our Vision: 100% Recycling
Steinbeis promotional video
Girls’ Day at Steinbeis
Vocational training and careers in the paper industry (available in German only)
Recycling City
Steinbeis factory flow-chart
German Sustainability Award
Steinbeis: Steinbeis sponsors special award for recycled paper (available in German only)


„The New Generation – Eco Magazine Papers.”
Sample booklet for Steinbeis Charisma range

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„The 4.0.-Office paper.”
Multi-Purpose paper for modern Office Management.

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„Adding Colour to Being Green.”
Everything you need to know about green publishing.

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„Steinbeis Fusion 4.0"
Our best value paper. For digital printing.

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Savings calculator

Savings calculator

Open the savings calculator on your screen and discover your personal savings potential. Play your part in reducing the consumption of raw materials, energy and water, and help lower CO2 emissions.

To calculate the amount you could potentially save, please enter your paper requirements here.
ECO-Rechner Büropapiere

Fresh fibre paper

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Steinbeis recycled paper