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En el apartado de NOVEDADES descubrirá todos los aspectos importantes y de actualidad en torno a los productos de Steinbeis, la empresa y el centro de producción. También puede suscribirse a nuestro boletín informativo que se publica cuatro veces al año.


The WWF has awarded Steinbeis Paper the highest classification (3 trees) on its 2017 Timber Scorecard. The WWF presents this award to companies who purchase timber in a responsible manner and are promoting the development of sustainable use practices for wood as a natural raw material. No wood is used at Steinbeis as the company produces its paper exclusively from recovered paper, a secondary resource. According to the Global Forest and Trade Network-UK (GFTN-UK), the recovered paper used by the company corresponds to a timber volume of 1,128,411 m³ (WRME = wood raw material equivalent).

At total of 128 companies were assessed and received a corresponding Timber Scorecard with rating classifications ranging from “0 trees” to “3 trees”. The scorecard also evaluated the companies’ ongoing development of their sustainable performance since 2015 (the last time the Timber Scorecard was published).

Steinbeis is one of 40 companies (out of a total of 128) who received a WWF 3 Trees Timber Scorecard and whose publicly available information regarding sustainable compliance is consistent with the results of the WWF’s evaluation. 

The recycled paper manufacturer is now making its comprehensive paper portal available to customers, users and prospective clients. On the portal, users can gain in-depth information on every product in the company’s “office paper”, “magazine paper” and “digital printing paper” ranges, request free samples, set individual consultation appointments with the paper experts from Steinbeis, request a test run, enquire about offers via sales partners and download certificates or submit a query directly to the relevant contact. Its key feature is the new, interactive eco calculator. Anyone who is considering the switch to a new paper can start by calculating the savings they will achieve with Steinbeis paper according to their consumption. Another new feature is the newsletter service. Experience the new page here:

Glückstadt/Hannover, Germany, 27.3.2017 – Marc Gebauer, CEO of Lyreco Deutschland, recognised the Steinbeis company as supplier of the year in the “Paper” category with the Paper Award 2016 at Lyreco’s supplier day in Hannover, Germany. Other award winners include Sigel (Office) and Sennheiser Vertrieb & Service (Tech & Office).

Lyreco is a global supplier of office supplies and one of the world’s leading providers of office and workplace solutions. The company is active in 42 countries on four continents, employs a staff of 8,700 and achieved sales of two billion euros in 2016.

Lyreco is among the partners with which Steinbeis Papier GmbH has worked with closely for decades.

Europe’s market leader for graphic recycled paper introduces Blue Angel-certified special paper for digital printing

Glückstadt, Germany, 6 February 2017 – Steinbeis Papier GmbH is expanding its product portfolio to include special paper for digital printing needs. The newly developed Steinbeis Fusion 4.0 range offers users two paper types in whiteness grades CIE 85 and CIE 135.

"We want to provide the market with a top-quality product that fits CSR needs, is attractively priced, and enhances added value in the field of digital printing," said Ulrich Feuersinger, CEO of Steinbeis Papier GmbH, of the Steinbeis Fusion 4.0 concept.

All Steinbeis products are ecological, brand-name papers. To this end, the Fusion 4.0 range is also manufactured using 100% recovered paper as a secondary resource. The range has been awarded the Blue Angel and the EU Ecolabel. The advantage for companies is that they can demonstrate the use of 100% recycled paper for their printed items as a relevant environmental measure under the new EU directive regarding CSR reporting obligations.

The range of applications for Steinbeis Fusion 4.0 include: transactional printing, commercial printing, direct advertising, personalised mailings, magazines/catalogues and books. The paper stands out for its high opacity, good printing quality, cost-effectiveness and stable pricing. It can be ordered directly from Steinbeis and delivered on rolls or in sheets.

Steinbeis will be presenting its new digital printing paper to the industry for the first time at stand 17 at Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017, set to be held from 20–23 February 2017 at Messe Luzern AG in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Company contact:

Steinbeis Papier GmbH
Veronika Warmers
Stadtstr. 20
25348 Glückstadt

Glückstadt, 28.11.2016 – Steinbeis Papier GmbH has been among the winners of WWF's Environmental Paper Awards 2016. Ten of its papers have received the award in the category "Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands". In the "Transparency" category, Steinbeis was one of five award winners, ranking alongside major paper companies. 

WWF initiated the "WWF Environmental Paper Awards" to pay tribute to the efforts of paper manufacturers in reducing their forest, climate and water footprint in the production of paper. The figures and data on which the awards were based were calculated and analysed according to WWF's scientific Check your Paper Method. This method takes into consideration all the environmentally relevant values down the entire procurement and production chain. These include the nature and origin of the raw fibres, CO2-emissions, residue management and waste management, and waste water emissions.

"Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands" in the category "Coated paper"

In the field of LWC paper, "Steinbeis Charisma Brilliant" and "Steinbeis Charisma Silk" papers were awarded 92% on the scale of assessment (grade: excellent) and were given the top grade of five stars for performance in the forest, climate and water class. Achieving 91% (excellent), Steinbeis inkjet paper was similarly awarded five stars for performance in the forest, climate and water class.   

"Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands" – 
in the category "Uncoated paper"

All Steinbeis office paper brands (Steinbeis ClassicWhite (CIE 55), Steinbeis TrendWhite (CIE 85), Steinbeis PureWhite (CIE 110), Steinbeis EvolutionWhite (CIE 135), Steinbeis MagicColour) have received the WWF award "Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands", achieving the grade excellent (91%) and five stars for forest, climate and water performance.

Award in the "Transparency" category

The transparency of paper manufacturers with regard to environmentally-friendly production is calculated using a tool called EPIC (Environmental Paper Company Index). Steinbeis subjected its entire portfolio and production process to the rating, and achieved the maximum score of 100% on the transparency scale. 

For more information, please contact:
Steinbeis Papier GmbH
Veronika Warmers
Head of Marketing
Stadtstr. 20
25348 Glückstadt, Germany

Phone: 04124 911 682 

CSR Award 2013 from the German government: expert jury nominates Steinbeis as one of the country’s most responsible companies

One step closer: Steinbeis Papier has successfully completed the preliminary stage in the evaluation process for the CSR Award 2013, established by the German government. The jury of experts from the National CSR Forum nominated Steinbeis, a producer of high-quality recycled paper made from 100% recovered fibre, for the CSR Award 2013 in the category for companies with 50-499 employees. The Award will be presented on 24 April 2013 in Berlin by Dr Ursula von der Leyen, Federal Minister for Labour and Social Affairs.

The jury selected the nominees from the many applications received from large, medium and small-scale companies. The successful applicants will now enter the second stage of the process, where they will be assessed by a range of independent social stakeholders. The jury will then consider the results of the stakeholder survey, together with the earlier management survey, and select the winners of the CSR Award 2013 in each of four size categories.

The CSR Award is a new initiative by the German government aimed at recognising innovative and exemplary companies that gear their entire operations towards social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Read the German government press release



Glückstadt, 12 December 2012 – Steinbeis Papier GmbH has won the WWF Environmental Paper Award 2012 in the categories “Transparency” and “Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands”. This is further recognition of the effectiveness and efficiency achieved by the medium-sized company through its commitment to a technology, investment and quality strategy built on sustainability. It also confirms Steinbeis Papier as one of the eco-pioneers in its industry.

One of the most eco-friendly product ranges
The entire Steinbeis paper range was classed as “excellent” in the category “Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands”. Taking more than 94% of all achievable points in the WWF eco-rating system, it scored a maximum five stars in all three performance categories: forest, water and climate.

Maximum eco transparency
Steinbeis fared even better in the “Transparency” category, scoring 100%. The company’s entire product range was submitted for rating, enabling maximum insight into its integrated and eco-friendly production processes.

Global significance – the WWF Award
The WWF Environmental Paper Awards are presented to manufacturers and suppliers who achieve the highest scores in the WWF eco-rating system, “Check Your Paper”. This global benchmarking tool is used by the WWF to check the environmental footprint of paper manufacturers along the entire production process. The eco-rating is based on a range of criteria, such as fibre sourcing, emissions to air and water, and management systems for quality, waste and the environment. Manufacturers and suppliers can list their products online, enabling buyers to compare the environmental properties of different papers in detail.

Driving innovation in the industry
These awards confirm Steinbeis Papier as one of the most innovative forces in the paper recycling industry. More than 30 years ago, Steinbeis began its process of migration to an eco-based industrial model. Over the past 10 years, the company has invested more than 300 million euros in developing its eco-integrated processes and sustainable, high-quality production. Each strategic step has enabled the medium-sized company to not only hold its own against global corporations, but also to set benchmarks in the fields of sustainability and recycling.

Read more about the WWF Environmental Paper Award 2012

Glückstadt, 31 July 2012 – Steinbeis, a leading manufacturer of high-quality recycled paper, is presenting its range of sustainable papers for office use, production printing, and magazine, catalogue and high-speed inkjet printing at EcoPrint 2012 in Berlin from 26 to 27 September.

Steinbeis is an eco-pioneer within its industry and was one of the first industrial companies to receive the German Sustainability Award in 2008. Over a period of 30 years, Steinbeis has developed one of the most advanced and ecologically integrated factories in the paper industry as part of a sustainable value chain – from the sourcing of recovered paper to production of high-quality papers and logistics. Manufacturing is carried out using the latest energy generation, environmental protection and recycling technologies. The company’s manufacturing process achieves outstanding environmental performance compared to the production of conventional papers.  

Trade visitors to the Steinbeis Papier GmbH stand at EcoPrint Europe will gain an insight into the important role Steinbeis papers play in the sustainability strategies of leading companies. They will also learn more about how recycled paper bearing the Blue Angel eco label brings added value to the sustainable printed products value chain.

Company representatives, printers, publishing houses, corporate publishers and creative professionals will be able to obtain detailed information on sustainable production processes and the many ways that high-quality ecological papers can be used to create printed products fit for the future. The specialist attendees will discover the wide range of applications for these papers – from office communications and green publishing strategies for magazines, catalogues and corporate publications to transpromotional documents and direct mail.

Product displays and live presentations will allow visitors to experience the print quality and performance of Steinbeis recycled papers for themselves, and will include a demonstration featuring the high-performance ink system of a leading manufacturer. Specialists from the Steinbeis sales and product teams, environmental management and R&D will be on hand to provide expert advice and support. 

Konica Minolta, a leading provider of complete solutions for company-wide printing and document workflows in the B2B sector, has conducted extended print testing with Steinbeis recycled paper on its colour and black-and-white print and copy systems. The results: outstanding performance without a single paper jam. Steinbeis recycled office papers made from 100% recovered paper are fully compatible with all Konica Minolta printers and multi-function systems. Konica Minolta has presented Steinbeis with a corresponding certificate.
View press release


New: Steinbeis INNOJET HC range made from 100% recovered paper.

Glückstadt, 7 May 2012 – Steinbeis Papier GmbH, a pioneer of recycled paper production and the European market leader in graphic recycled office and magazine papers made from 100% recovered paper, has expanded its product portfolio. With the new Steinbeis INNOJET HC range, the company is introducing three different special papers for high-speed inkjet printing and responding to the latest print technologies on the market. Steinbeis is the first paper manufacturer to offer a high-performance inkjet range that is produced in accordance with strict ecological principles and carries Blue Angel certification and the EU Ecolabel. 

Performance characteristics

The surface properties and physical characteristics of the inkjet papers have been specially developed to meet the requirements of high-speed full-colour inkjet printing. The innovative coating concept allows uniform ink adhesion, rapid drying, superb colour reproduction and excellent contrast at print speeds of 200 metres per minute and more. The range meets the versatility requirements of digital printing, where variable data is merged with customer-oriented information. This makes it ideal for personalised direct mail content, bills, bank statements, instruction leaflets, promotional inserts and supplements, flyers, books and CAD plotting applications. 

The range

The Steinbeis INNOJET HC range comprises three different papers:

  • Steinbeis INNOJET HC PREMIUM, 80 gsm and 90 gsm, ISO 100.
  • Steinbeis INNOJET HC UNIVERSAL, 80 gsm, ISO 80.
  • Steinbeis INNOJET HC LIGHT, 65 gsm, ISO 80.

The company

Steinbeis Papier GmbH is a mid-sized company which was founded in 1911 in Glückstadt, Germany. Since 1976, it has focused on producing high-quality graphic papers from recovered paper fibre. The company is exclusively dedicated to manufacturing recycled paper from 100% recovered paper. Its approach, a successful combination of high-tech processes and ecological principles, is widely regarded as groundbreaking. Cutting-edge green technology and environmentally-friendly processes allow the company to achieve maximum savings across all relevant aspects of climate and resource protection, including water consumption, energy use and CO2 emissions.

More information about the Steinbeis INNOJET HC range is available here.



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