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‘TOP Training Company’ award

Glückstadt, 21.05.2019 – Steinbeis Papier has received the ‘TOP Training Company’ award from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Kiel. This award has been presented for the past five years. Steinbeis is one of six companies that have received it.

Ann Christin Hahn, Vice President of the Kiel Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), insisted on visiting Glückstadt in person to hold the award ceremony. In her speech, she praised the company’s training concept, which includes a start-up programme for apprentices, internships abroad and participation in a business simulation game. Steinbeis is all about sustainability in every area: not just in its location and production, but also in education and training. “Steinbeis’ outstanding training concept creates a solid basis for securing future skilled workers,” said Hahn.

The company currently employs more than 320 people, 35 of whom are young trainees undergoing an apprenticeship or studying for a degree. The company’s philosophy also includes giving academically weaker pupils a chance to gain an apprenticeship. For many years, Steinbeis has been collaborating with schools, regularly taking part in job fairs and offering applicant training in order to draw attention to apprenticeship opportunities and engage with prospective trainees.


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