Press release

Steinbeis Papier extends its product range: new possibilities for sustainable labels

Glückstadt, 25/04/2024 – Steinbeis Papier, Europe’s market leader in recycled graphical paper, is setting new standards again in sustainability and innovation. The company is delighted to announce the launch of its latest products, which offer exciting new possibilities for ecofriendly labels and a pioneering closed-loop solution.

Steinbeis Label Wet, the new moisture- and alkali-resistant label paper, is now available in weights of 70 and 80 gsm and is perfect for labels on reusable beverage bottles and glass jars. Wet-glue, hotmelt, self-adhesive: this label paper can do it all. It can be printed using offset, gravure and flexo processes, and boasts outstanding sheet running properties, even at high speeds. And the best thing about it? Thanks to the sustainable fibre it’s made from and the way it’s manufactured in our integrated factory, it provides a green alternative to conventional labels made from virgin paper.

Our latest product, Steinbeis Label Dry, a non-water-resistant paper that’s available in 80 gsm, is another true all-rounder. It’s perfect for disposable labels on tins, jars and bottles – wet-glue, hotmelt, self-adhesive: whatever the application, it can handle it. It sets new standards with great sheet running properties and punching capabilities, even at high speeds. And this is another product that’s made from sustainable fibre in our integrated manufacturing process, providing a green alternative to labels made of virgin paper.

While it was extending its product range, Steinbeis Papier established an innovative circular model for water-resistant labels papers. “Our new recovered paper pulping line closes the cycle and enables the regeneration of waste papers that couldn’t previously be recycled. This is a genuine closed-loop solution for moisture- and alkali-resistant labels, and represents another step forward in recycling and sustainability,” explains Marc Gebauer, managing director of Steinbeis Papier.

Steinbeis Papier can provide free samples so that users can experience for themselves the quality and versatility of these new products. If you’re interested, visit and request samples of Steinbeis Label Wet and Steinbeis Label Dry, and witness the quality and versatility for yourself.

“At Steinbeis Papier we’re really proud not only that we set new standards in sustainability and innovation, but that we’re constantly extending our product catalogue to meet the needs of our customers,” says Marc Gebauer.

About Steinbeis Papier

Steinbeis Papier GmbH, based in Glückstadt in northern Germany, is the European market leader in recycled graphical papers made from 100% recovered paper. Its product range includes printing and photocopying papers, coated offset papers and digital printing and label papers. Steinbeis Papier produced a total of 279,572 tonnes of paper in 2023 and generated a turnover of €279 million. The company has long been ecologically active and has contributed to a sustainable rethink in the paper industry and in consumer markets, while significantly shaping the development of the recycled paper market in Germany and Europe.

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