Verwaltungsgebäude der Steinbeis Papier GmbH

Steinbeis Papier GmbH is one of Germany’s most valuable companies

Focus-Money brand ‘Deutschland Test’ and the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) recognised companies with an overall rating of more than 60 points. Steinbeis is one of the industrial companies with the best social value scores.

Glückstadt, 24 August 2019 – Steinbeis Papier is one of Germany’s most valuable companies. This medium-sized business based in Glückstadt, Schleswig-Holstein, was declared one of ‘Germany’s most valuable companies’ by Deutschland Test, a brand of Focus-Money. Steinbeis Papier achieved a score of 79.1 in the Paper, Office and Stationery Manufacturers category, placing it second behind benchmark business Faber-Castell Aktiengesellschaft.

The study’s social value criteria

Collaborating for the second time with the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI), Deutschland Test evaluated and analysed the social value of 511 retail, industrial and service companies. Social value describes a company’s level of ecological, economic and social responsibility. Since 2017, large listed companies with more than 500 employees have been subject to the EU-CSR (corporate social responsibility) reporting requirement, which requires them to explain their commitment to corporate social responsibility. Deutschland Test and HWWI carry out their study on the basis of these sustainability reports and other information on social and environmental commitment. This information makes it possible to compare the companies, as there are not yet any uniform guidelines for the sustainability reports themselves. To measure ‘ecological responsibility’, carbon emissions and energy intensity, recycling and supply chain control are evaluated on the basis of ecological considerations. Criteria in the ‘economic responsibility’ category are innovative capacity, economic performance and corporate governance, and for ‘social responsibility’ they include the gender pay gap, health protection and product safety. This year, the relevance and scope of sustainability reports have been newly included in evaluations.

Sustainability: the Steinbeis business model

One of the more remarkable developments of recent years is that people are demanding demonstrable social added value from businesses. Companies are expected to help solve social challenges. Steinbeis Papier welcomes this development, since it has been working along these lines since the 1970s. That was when Steinbeis Papier initiated an ecological transformation and developed its production site into one of the most advanced ecologically integrated recycled paper mills in Europe. The company manufactures around 300,000 tonnes of photocopying, magazine and digital printing paper each year in Glückstadt using 100 percent reclaimed paper, and remains an industry leader with its ecological savings in carbon emissions, water and energy consumption and protection of natural resources (wood).


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