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ReThinkingPaper – Steinbeis Papier begins a new chapter

Steinbeis Papier, the European market leader in recycled graphical papers, presents itself with a new brand identity for 2021. ‘ReThinkingPaper’ is the company’s new slogan and brand promise, and above all its central guiding principle. It expresses an identity which Steinbeis Papier has been cultivating since the mid-70s and shows that the company has always been much more interested in action than words.

Rethinking at Steinbeis Papier began back in 1976, long before sustainability and resource protection became defining economic trends. The company had the foresight to establish an ecological modelling process that took them from resource- and energy-intensive paper production using wood, to ecologically integrated and cycle-based production based on 100 percent reclaimed paper. This fundamental decision to give environmental protection the highest priority has guided the company ever since. In the last 18 years alone, they have invested no less than €360 million in sustainable technologies and production processes at Glückstadt, setting a course that will significantly shape the future of the recycled paper market in Germany and Europe.

With a new communication strategy, including an updated visual identity, Steinbeis Papier is communicating its decades-old identity clearly to the outside world, starting in 2021. The company aims to position itself as part of a global green revolution and inspire others to act more sustainably. ‘ReThinkingPaper’ is about summarising what has been achieved so far and making a promise for the future. The new corporate design is modern and striking, and is one of the proofs that Steinbeis has internalised this rethinking process. The paper grades no longer bear names but numbers instead, which categorise them according to their degree of whiteness so that buyers can identify them more easily. Clear icons and big digits make it clear right away how many resources you’ll save by using them.


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